What is Literature?

What is Literature?

A small question with a massive answer.

Literature portrays the attitude of the writer more often than what the writer is talking about. For example Steinbeck, in writing ‘Of Mice and Men’, wasn’t just telling the story of George and Lennie, he was also displaying his own personal opinions on the life of itinerant workers and American life at that particular time. This topic reminds me of what I consider a ‘classic Ms Morgan life advice rant’ – in which she instructed the class that:

“People don’t say bad things to you because you’re bad, they say bad things because they’re bad”

Similarly when you read a piece of literature you are reading an opinion, you’re both forming your own while taking into account someone elses. Each individual writer has their own way of conveying their opinions and ideas, each writer has their style. This style is a collection of writing characteristics and techniques that could tell an educated mind who wrote it. To use Steinbeck as an example again, if I read another novel with lengthy descriptive passages setting the scene at the beginning of each chapter I could easily assume Steinbeck had written it. Each person’s style is like a different way of cooking something, I might add a different spice or cook something in a certain way that I prefer, which makes it uniquely different to any others.

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