Another one.

Another set of YouTube videos that you probably don’t care about but I think is worth a watch if you’re a literature geek. This may not have much to do with my course, but is a modern adaptation of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen developed by Hank Green (brother of John Green, co-founder of Vlogbrothers, and founder of DFTBA records). ‘The Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ is basically the story of Elizabeth but set in modern day and using a ‘vlog’ (video blog) style. 
I haven’t watched all of them yet (there are 100 episodes in all) but I know my friends in my Lit class will like it, and my teacher will too, so I thought it’d be good to introduce all my dear reader chums to it! 

And I know. Second post in one day. I’m getting obsessed with this blogging lark!

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A few sentences..

So my English teacher just posted to write ‘a few sentences’ about our favourite poem, play or novel and I thought I’d do a little bit about my favourites!

My favourite series of books is the ‘Harry Potter’ series. People seem to assume that these are almost children’s books, and thus lack a great deal of substance, but I personally believe we can find many mature messages throughout the series as a whole, and the books individually. If my readers are lucky they may even find a few essays I wrote about various elements Harry Potter last year on this blog over the coming weeks, the result of me and a friend telling our Head of Year we’d be able to write a good essay based on them. I personally find the Harry Potter series to be a great creation as the world is mixed with our own. I love books in which there is a world to be immersed in, which I really am when it comes to the Wizarding World that JK Rowling so brilliantly created.

(Hufflepuff – if anyone was wondering)

Another author I am a great fan of is John Green – who I originally discovered through his shared Youtube channel, Vlogbrothers. He has written a wide variety of books of which I enjoy including ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ (TFiOS) and ‘An Abundance of Katherines'(AAoK). Both are superbly written and Green himself is a massive nerd – so most of his writing is based on nerdy things. TFiOS is based on two cancer patients falling in love through a book, so there are many literature references, and AAoK is about a heartbroken young boy trying to find a mathematical theorem for love throughout a roadtrip with his friend. Aswell as this both of them are very funny.

I know this was meant to be a few sentences and I went on a bit of a roll, so this not be fitting to the criteria my teacher wanted, but I really enjoyed writing it and showing my appreciation of these great books.
And for the reference – my favourite play is the musical Wicked (but I won’t go on about that one like I did with the others)

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