A New Chapter

*I open my metaphorical book and turn a page*

Well hello dear readers! I haven’t posted on here in a while which is most definitely my fault! I have finished my English Literature course and thus blogging is no longer an educational necessity and my teachers won’t threaten me if I don’t post! However this blog will remain up for the use of others, I still get many views a day on my English work and the like and taking it down would be sad! I may still post if I find myself wishing to analyse something or comment on literature but now most of my blogging will occur on my new blog *Opening titles* ‘Red Pens & Stickers’!

I am about to move to University and wanted to blog the journey, but I didn’t feel this blog itself was the best place to do it. Thus I have set up another WordPress Blog (how decadent) and will be rambling about my thoughts as a prospective primary teacher, my interests, day to day life and my faith! I know that at this point you will be very excited and will want to know exactly how you can read this blog.

Calm down, please be seated and put your delicate mugs down (preferably on a decorative coaster), and you can go and read my first post at redpensandstickers.wordpress.com!

I really hope you will join me on my new journey and if you don’t feel that the new blog is for you then shame on you that is absolutely fine – I may still post on here but if not, farewell!!

God Bless,