What is Literature?

What is Literature?

A small question with a massive answer.

Literature portrays the attitude of the writer more often than what the writer is talking about. For example Steinbeck, in writing ‘Of Mice and Men’, wasn’t just telling the story of George and Lennie, he was also displaying his own personal opinions on the life of itinerant workers and American life at that particular time. This topic reminds me of what I consider a ‘classic Ms Morgan life advice rant’ – in which she instructed the class that:

“People don’t say bad things to you because you’re bad, they say bad things because they’re bad”

Similarly when you read a piece of literature you are reading an opinion, you’re both forming your own while taking into account someone elses. Each individual writer has their own way of conveying their opinions and ideas, each writer has their style. This style is a collection of writing characteristics and techniques that could tell an educated mind who wrote it. To use Steinbeck as an example again, if I read another novel with lengthy descriptive passages setting the scene at the beginning of each chapter I could easily assume Steinbeck had written it. Each person’s style is like a different way of cooking something, I might add a different spice or cook something in a certain way that I prefer, which makes it uniquely different to any others.

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English Literature Rules

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We are a Year 12 English Literature class studying the OCR A level syllabus. This blog is administered by one of our English Literature teachers: you can see and follow our individual blogs listed on this page. The best posts will be reblogged here.

Our individual blogs are intended to be online ‘scrap books’ of thoughts, ideas and interesting personal research to enhance our understanding and enjoyment of the novels, plays and poetry we will be studying in class. We hope you enjoy the range of posts and hopefully some lively discussions.

Year 12 Students: to introduce yourselves to each other, please post a few sentences about a novel, poem or play you have read or seen recently. Try to encourage others to read or see this text.

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Another one.

Another set of YouTube videos that you probably don’t care about but I think is worth a watch if you’re a literature geek. This may not have much to do with my course, but is a modern adaptation of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen developed by Hank Green (brother of John Green, co-founder of Vlogbrothers, and founder of DFTBA records). ‘The Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ is basically the story of Elizabeth but set in modern day and using a ‘vlog’ (video blog) style. 
I haven’t watched all of them yet (there are 100 episodes in all) but I know my friends in my Lit class will like it, and my teacher will too, so I thought it’d be good to introduce all my dear reader chums to it!


And I know. Second post in one day. I’m getting obsessed with this blogging lark!

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A few sentences..

So my English teacher just posted to write ‘a few sentences’ about our favourite poem, play or novel and I thought I’d do a little bit about my favourites!

My favourite series of books is the ‘Harry Potter’ series. People seem to assume that these are almost children’s books, and thus lack a great deal of substance, but I personally believe we can find many mature messages throughout the series as a whole, and the books individually. If my readers are lucky they may even find a few essays I wrote about various elements Harry Potter last year on this blog over the coming weeks, the result of me and a friend telling our Head of Year we’d be able to write a good essay based on them. I personally find the Harry Potter series to be a great creation as the world is mixed with our own. I love books in which there is a world to be immersed in, which I really am when it comes to the Wizarding World that JK Rowling so brilliantly created.

(Hufflepuff – if anyone was wondering)

Another author I am a great fan of is John Green – who I originally discovered through his shared Youtube channel, Vlogbrothers. He has written a wide variety of books of which I enjoy including ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ (TFiOS) and ‘An Abundance of Katherines'(AAoK). Both are superbly written and Green himself is a massive nerd – so most of his writing is based on nerdy things. TFiOS is based on two cancer patients falling in love through a book, so there are many literature references, and AAoK is about a heartbroken young boy trying to find a mathematical theorem for love throughout a roadtrip with his friend. Aswell as this both of them are very funny.

I know this was meant to be a few sentences and I went on a bit of a roll, so this not be fitting to the criteria my teacher wanted, but I really enjoyed writing it and showing my appreciation of these great books.
And for the reference – my favourite play is the musical Wicked (but I won’t go on about that one like I did with the others)

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Er…. hello.

The site is telling me to create my first blog post – so I assume that’s what I’ll have to do.
This is basically a blog to go alongside my A Level English Literature course, so you can expect me to be ranting and raving about various books and poems! I figured it’d be a good idea to post a Youtube Channel because I know my English Teacher will love it and I rather enjoy it myself! This channel does a series on English Literature – and is presented by one of my favourite authors: John Green, author of ‘The Fault in our Stars’, ‘An Abundance of Katherines’, ‘Looking for Alaska’ and many others!

Here is the first of the series: