Lost in Austen

Jane Austen was one of the first feminist fiction writers. She is by definition a comedy writer, utilising exaggeration, humour, irony and caricatures (such as Mrs Norris).

She ends novels with a wedding, which is a characteristic of her writing. In the time that her books were written a happy ending was synonymous with a wedding, or at least an engagement. All of the characters want to be married and dread the idea of not marrying and living in poverty. Austen herself however was not married, and was poor as a consequence.

In all of her books the heroine is the most well rounded and Christian character in the book. In those days their Christianity was a measure of their goodness, as they aspired to be good and follow holy laws to get to heaven. The protagonist in her books also always make a huge mistake, a characteristic of a tragedy. They also all have an obstacle that threatens the marriage. For example in ‘Mansfield Park’ the obstacle is Fanny Price’s social class. The male always helps the heroine over the obstacle and by doing so proves to the heroine that he is the right man.

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